Adele’s Quilt & Room Redo UPDATE

So, I am still in love with Anna Maria Horner’s quilt pattern Spinning Stars, but I am perplexed about which fabrics to use for which part of the pattern. It can change the look of the quilt so much! I am such a novice quilter – I really have no idea what I’m doing. It’s just that the fabric is so expensive and really my free time is so precious; I really want to love the finished project.

Here are all the fabrics together. I’ve decided that I LOVE the sandalwood by Amy Butler for the curtain, so at least that’s decided.

I googled “Spinning Stars” and guess what? There is a Quilt-along for this exact pattern and even a flickr group! I’m so grateful that I get to see lots of color schemes and placement choices on this pattern before I make my final decision!

Here are some of my favorites from the flickr group:

I really like the use of that amazing b/w graphic print as a “solid” for the rings and scrappy everything else

This is the image used on Anna Maria Horner’s pattern instructions. It’s scrappy everything, except the rings, which are each different fabrics.


Oh WOW! I love this! She used two different fabrics for the stars, solid red for the rings (with a few exceptions) and scrappy bright pies. With these choices, it’s really the stars and circles that dominate, rather than the pies.

love this mock up with white stars and scrappy circles (which makes them fade into an extension of the pies)

solid circles with alternating stars

more different circles with crappy pies and stars

OK. So I need to decide what to do about the circles. I originally planned to do them all white, but now I’m thinking no. I could make them scrappy, as an extension of the pies, or have each circle be its own fabric. I also need to decide whether to have the stars scrappy, alternating between two fabrics, or all the same fabric (maybe white?). I think I need to mock up a few test squares.

I just looked again at my original inspiration picture and I actually still really like it. Aggh! What to do? First world problems, right?

original inspiration pic

I’d really love some input from some quilters. Or really anyone willing to share their opinion. Keep in mind Adele LOVES anything bright and bold. I feel really comfortable with all the fabric choices – they really look like “her.” But, the placement choices have me so scared.

3 thoughts on “Adele’s Quilt & Room Redo UPDATE

  1. I was taken by this same quilt design and it is on my someday-in-the-future to-make list (and it is long!). I find coming up with fabric combos challenging too, so I can relate. My favorite (which you also have in your collection) is the one with the gray circles–I love its muted tones. Good luck!

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