Quilt back almost done!

I finally cut out the last piece. Now I just need to sew it all down (zig zag over raw edges – I like the free form look on applique for kids quilts).

I need to hussle if I’m going to finish by her birthday (April 27)!!!

I can’t wait to see this one finished. It’s my first quilt with so much linen.

Our new eat-in kitchen

From the moment I first saw our rental house kitchen, I thought the island counter-top should be extended to make an eating surface. There was plenty of room for a walkway on the other side as well as an extension. Kent is usually a good sport about all my crazy ideas but he said NO WAY are we going to buy a remnant of marble for a rental. Now before you go taking sides, let me explain that I wanted to make sure that I love marble, since that’s what I’m planning when/if we remodel our kitchen in Mystic. I thought spending the $500 or so would be way worth it to enjoy now and also to know for sure whether we wanted to invest in it for a whole kitchen. But Kent said absolutely no, so I dropped the issue. But, then I saw this image on a blog:


The blogger was discussing the various parts of the kitchen and she said that the bar the stools are tucked under was FREESTANDING. And – bam! – I told Kent that we could have a freestanding bar next to our island. He loved the idea and decided to begin the project that very day. =) Now, I still think the whole thing would be better covered in marble, but I am beyond thrilled with what I have now.

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of the area where we now have the freestanding bar in the kitchen. It’s between the island and a half-wall to the living room



As you can see, every square inch of this island gets used on Pizza Fridays. We are so happy to have a bit more counter space =)


We used to eat every single meal in the dining room. Now we eat in there once or twice a week at the most. In general Kent and I regret the casualization of our culture and we like things formal. So, eating in the dining room wasn’t a big deal. But, now that we have the option to feed the littles in the kitchen, it is soooooo much better. I now keep Everett’s highchair in the kitchen next to the refrigerator (which is so much more convenient for his food, supplements, bibs, etc.).

Kent spent about $40 on lumber which he attached using the Kreg Jig (which he loves – he used it for my built-in desk in the Schooling Room too) and metal brackets (to attach the top to the legs).


I caulked, painted, and waxed. And, viola!

P1060460 P1060459 P1060458 P1060461



Eleanor’s Nursery

I finally took some pictures of Eleanor’s room with some daylight. I wish I could show it to you with her finished quilt, but alas – it’s not done yet. I’ll add a picture of it at the end so you can photoshop it in your mind. =) P1060466

Two of those windows are south-facing, so it could actually get lovely light during the day, but the wooden blinds are closed almost 24/7. Very occasionally I will give her a few toys to play in her crib, but mostly she just nurses and sleeps in here. This room is the perfect nursery, in my opinion: serene, simple, calming, and beautiful. And I can pull the white blanket off the rocker and wash it in the washing machine – easy peasy. Unfortunately, you can’t see the beauty of the antique dresser in these pictures, but trust me – it really is lovely.


I change diapers in the bathroom (just a few steps out the door), so I don’t need any diaper changing stuff in here. I sometimes use this changing pad to get her dressed. Above, you can see the lavendar stool I painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint (leftover from Adele’s room) – quick and easy! I left the wooden legs unpainted because they are so pretty. I realize that I have a LOT of different tones of wood in here – and I’m OK with that; perhaps it’s because the (non-wood) colors are pretty muted.

P1060463 P1060468

I know this crib area looks bare to most people, but I see calming serenity. I bought a crib skirt (really cute tiered white ruffles) – actually two so that it went all the way to the floor when the crib mattress was higher, but I like it better with nothing.


And the obligatory gallery wall. I know it’s a trend but I just can’t get enough. The three oval frames on the left were made by my late paternal Grandma Eva. She made lots of ceramics when my sister and I were growing up. The frames hold pictures of each of my babes, just hours old (Adele on the far left, then Everett, then Eleanor). I used an antique filter on the pictures, so that the colors would be extremely muted (to go with the muted colors scheme in the room), but I may reprint them with less adjustments.


Here’s a picture of her unfinished quilt to assist with the mind photoshopping =)

P.S. I bought the fabrics for the quilt and the poofies for over the crib and that’s about all I bought new for this room. I bought the crib, rocker, and dresser on craigslist and everything else we already had.

Eleanor’s quilt update

So, I finished sewing together the hexagons for Eleanor’s quilt – but now I think it needs to be larger than crib size, since she’s already mobile (i.e. not content to stay within the confines of a blanket). I am thinking it needs to be a twin size, which means I now have a bit more piecing to do. Here’s what I have so far:

P1060455It’s a mix of linen and quilting cotton. And compared to the loud colors of Adele’s quilt, this is very low-volume. I think the girls will end up sharing a room at some point, though, so I hope that the quilts will look good together, since Eleanor’s colors are just muted versions of the same colors as Adele’s quilt. Here’s Adele’s quilt for comparison:


Chalkboard art – around here lately

FYI,I realize my blog is probably pretty boring these days because I just post pics of my kids. But, I do have a project to show you in a few days. Kent built a free-standing table/bar so that we can eat at our island in the kitchen. It’s AWESOME!

In the meantime, can I just tell you how much I like having an enormous chalkboard in my living room? This is a 3′ x 5′ piece of MDF that Kent bought me for my DIY Aquaboard project – which was a giant fail. But, then I had the idea to paint over it with chalkboard paint! It’s large enough to anchor (ba-dum-bum) the living room, balancing our awkwardly-deep fireplace, and it hides our router. This is perhaps my fourth or fifth verse art piece on the chalkboard. I leave it up until I get sick of it and want some fresh inspiration. I use regular chalk and also “Wet Chalk” pens. It’s not super-easy to find the hour it usually takes to climb up there and draw a new verse (usually the kids are run amok as a result), but I’m always happy I did it once it’s done.



Here are a few others that I could find pics of real quick:

P1060320 P1060152 P1060420

Remember how sad the mantle looked without art up there?

photo 5



I took this picture because it’s pretty unusual. It’s NOT unusual to have to shovel snow, again – but it is unusual to shovel in short-sleeves!

P1060431  P1060438  P1060436



I love this face!



and this one!


I’m pretty partial to this one too! (even if it is blurry)


But this one’s my favorite. Mwah! Love you, honey!


Adele’s First Guest Post: Surprise

At first I had 2 loose teeth and my mom could see the Adult teeth in the
Back.  3 nights ago my dad pulled the loosest one out. Yesterday my mom took me out for ice cream to celebrate getting my tooth out. She said you don’t get ice cream when it’s snowing outside but this was an exception.
Last night my dad pulled the last one out but it hurt way more.😥
We used needle-nosed pliers with a Cloth to grip them and get them out.
Love, Adele
Age 6

IMG_2375 P1060443