Eleanor’s quilt update

So, I finished sewing together the hexagons for Eleanor’s quilt – but now I think it needs to be larger than crib size, since she’s already mobile (i.e. not content to stay within the confines of a blanket). I am thinking it needs to be a twin size, which means I now have a bit more piecing to do. Here’s what I have so far:

P1060455It’s a mix of linen and quilting cotton. And compared to the loud colors of Adele’s quilt, this is very low-volume. I think the girls will end up sharing a room at some point, though, so I hope that the quilts will look good together, since Eleanor’s colors are just muted versions of the same colors as Adele’s quilt. Here’s Adele’s quilt for comparison:


Chalkboard art – around here lately

FYI,I realize my blog is probably pretty boring these days because I just post pics of my kids. But, I do have a project to show you in a few days. Kent built a free-standing table/bar so that we can eat at our island in the kitchen. It’s AWESOME!

In the meantime, can I just tell you how much I like having an enormous chalkboard in my living room? This is a 3′ x 5′ piece of MDF that Kent bought me for my DIY Aquaboard project – which was a giant fail. But, then I had the idea to paint over it with chalkboard paint! It’s large enough to anchor (ba-dum-bum) the living room, balancing our awkwardly-deep fireplace, and it hides our router. This is perhaps my fourth or fifth verse art piece on the chalkboard. I leave it up until I get sick of it and want some fresh inspiration. I use regular chalk and also “Wet Chalk” pens. It’s not super-easy to find the hour it usually takes to climb up there and draw a new verse (usually the kids are run amok as a result), but I’m always happy I did it once it’s done.



Here are a few others that I could find pics of real quick:

P1060320 P1060152 P1060420

Remember how sad the mantle looked without art up there?

photo 5



I took this picture because it’s pretty unusual. It’s NOT unusual to have to shovel snow, again – but it is unusual to shovel in short-sleeves!

P1060431  P1060438  P1060436



I love this face!



and this one!


I’m pretty partial to this one too! (even if it is blurry)


But this one’s my favorite. Mwah! Love you, honey!


Adele’s First Guest Post: Surprise

At first I had 2 loose teeth and my mom could see the Adult teeth in the
Back.  3 nights ago my dad pulled the loosest one out. Yesterday my mom took me out for ice cream to celebrate getting my tooth out. She said you don’t get ice cream when it’s snowing outside but this was an exception.
Last night my dad pulled the last one out but it hurt way more.😥
We used needle-nosed pliers with a Cloth to grip them and get them out.
Love, Adele
Age 6

IMG_2375 P1060443


Eleanor’s Quilt Update


I am really making some progress on Eleanor’s hexagon quilt! It’s a really fun project!!


And, I am almost done with the last three years of mypublisher family albums! If you do these in your family, hold out until you see the $60 vouchers. It’s for up to 100 pages and it’s the best deal I’ve seen (unless your books are smaller, then the %off deals might be better for you). I just love having the looming expiration date as a fire under my pants to GET THEM DONE. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I want them DONE!

Adele and her friend M set up a little bakery. Lots of fun!


IMG_2321 IMG_2320    IMG_2348

I bought this little ottoman a loooong time ago but I never liked the (plaid flannel) fabric. I thought it would be an easy re-upholstery job, but I just never got around to it. I figured the easiest and fastest solution would be to paint the fabric (like I did with the formerly-green chairs in the living room) and I could still reupholster it later if I wanted to. So, now the little ottoman is lavender and it lives in Eleanor’s room, which I am happy to say is slowly coming together! IMG_2338

I am also finishing the quilt my grandmother pieced for my Aunt Jennifer — I am more than half-way done with the binding and then I have just a few finishing touches to the quilting. I can’t wait to cross that quilt off my to-do list!! That thing has been making me feel guilty for YEARS!

Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Mark Visit – Jan 2015

My Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Mark stopped by for a lovely visit in January. And, we got to celebrate my Uncle Mark’s birthday — Handfield-style. What a sport! He even wore the birthday crown!!

IMG_2234 P1060348 P1060368

Yes, I am in my pajamas and Kent had just returned from a run. What can I say, it was Saturday morning and if we didn’t get the picture right then I wouldn’t have had one at all. As it is, we were missing Eleanor (sleeping).


I thought Adele’s house below was pretty great.

P1060426 P1060415 P1060416  IMG_2231

Everett Therapy Update – Walking with Upsee

Everett has been working on walking with his ABM physical therapist (using the Upsee). They have been trying it out without the shoe attachment (which would lift his foot when she lifts her foot). Everett has been lifting his own legs and feet really nicely — the Upsee supports his body at the pelvis so it’s not like he’s bearing much weight on his legs, but he’s getting the concept of the stepping motion.

The shocking thing is that he can count up to eighteen or nineteen now. Once Carla gets him started he will say the next number all the way up. He’s supposed to correlate one number with each step, but he just gets so excited he jumps ahead a few numbers to one step. Eight seems to be his favorite number – he shouts it with gusto!

IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2264


Just popping in to say that it seems that the deployment will be happening, but without my Handsome Hubby. It is still true that nothing is for sure, but at this point, it looks like God wants him here.

Ahhh, I can breathe now!

Want to see some art?


I just love those eyelashes. =)

This next one makes me cry. It’s a hummingbird that was intended as a Christmas gift for my Mom. I had some glitter (the fancy kind!) that I was going to add in around the neck. It’s not like it was completely done, but I had made a substantial start (i.e. I don’t get much free time and I had used a LOT of it on this project). Then, my lovely Eleanor, who just loves to pull up and “muck about” with whatever she finds there, somehow overturned my glass of water and, well, it’s just about ruined. I know it could probably be salvaged, but I just don’t even know if I could find the time to fix it. Anyway, my heart isn’t in it anymore. I think my painting hobby is getting put on hold for a bit. Sorry, Mom. Goodbye little beautiful birdie.