No baby yet! and I painted the Schooling Room Desk (a few times)

belly shot

This is what the desk started out as – the raw wood was really pretty in my opinion, but I wanted it to look kind of greywashed.



So, I started by “staining” the wood with some acrylic craft paint (dark brown and black mixed with water) and I just wiped it down with a towel to let some of the wood grain come through.

First it looked like this:


But then I got this – soooo pretty! I could have stopped there and been happy, but I was on a mission for grey-washed!:


P1050559 P1050588


I made a “graywash” by adding water to some Annie Sloan paint.


P1050609P1050602 And, I really loved how the wood came out! But, then I hated how it looked with the orange-toned wood on the floor and in the wood blinds. oops! So, then I decided to paint the desk in Chateau Grey, which is the exact color the armoire is painted. It’s a very green gray – not my favorite gray, but I thought it would be cool if the two pieces matched.

So, I painted the whole thing Chateau Grey, then I waxed it and buffed it before church on Sunday morning while Derm Dad made an amazing breakfast.

Then I hated how green everything looked, so I painted Coco on top of the Chateau Grey on the desk. I only had a test pot of Coco, so I need to buy more in order to repaint the armoire, but I will say that painting has been totally fun and not burdensome. I do love using the AS chalk paint!

Meanwhile, Derm Dad is adding baseboards to my bookcases in the living room.

P1050611  P1050612  P1050555 P1050613

See the rest of our new house tour HERE.

5 thoughts on “No baby yet! and I painted the Schooling Room Desk (a few times)

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    • =) All I can say is nesting hormones! The “nursery” is currently just a junk room (since the baby will be in our room for a few months), so I guess my nesting hormones are getting spread out to the rest of the house! I’ve been pretty surprised at all we’ve been accomplishing too, but I’m sure it will all come to a screeching halt when the baby finally appears. My poor husband! He’s really had quite the “honey-do” list since we moved here. He’s so sweet to me, though.

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